Balloon Federation of Russia was reformed from the Balloon Federation of the USSR. Federation was registered as an independent legal entity in January 1994.

Balloon Federation of Russia is accredited in the Ministry of Sport of Russia. Since 1998, «balloon sport» is an independent type of sport.

 As of today’s date Balloon Federation of Russia join together 47 regions of Russia. There are accredited sports federations in 10 regions of the Russian Federation.

Balloon Federation of Russia joint together balloon pilots, judges, volunteers as well as other persons who are not indifferent to the development of hot air ballooning and hot air balloon sport.

About  200 citizens are members of Federation for today, 19th of them are legal entitites.

Balloon Federation of Russia acts on the bases of Charter and current legislation of the Russian Federation. Main objects of the Balloon Federation are as follows: development and promotion of hot air ballooning and hot air balloon sport in the Russian Federation as well as the enhancement of the role and significance of Russian hot air ballooning and hot air balloon sport abroad, national team building, formation of coaching staff of Russian balloon spot team. Protection of interests of hot air balloon pilots, representation of Russia in international organizations, facilitating the participation of Russian pilots in hot air balloon activities and informing the public about the history and achievements of hot air ballooning. The highest governing body of the Federation is the Conference. The Conference is convened by the decision of the Bureau of the Balloon Federation at least once every two years. The permanent governing body is the Bureau of the Balloon Federation, headed by the President. The Bureau meets at least once a quarter. Balloon Federation of Russia is a participant of  National and non Olympic sports Committee of Russia. The Balloon Federation of Russia takes part in activity of state committees  and working groups in the field of civil aviation.Within the framework of international cooperation, the Balloon Federation of Russia participates in the work of various committees of the Aeronautical Commission of the Federation Aeronautique InternationaleThe Balloon Federation of Russia is a member of the Union of Aviation Sports of Russia and the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI). Balloon Federation of Russia forms national teams for participation in hot air balloon, thermal airships and gas balloons competitions.

Balloon Federation of Russia carry out national campionships and Cup of Russia, as well as zonal, interregional and regional hot air balloon sport competitions annualy.

Hot air balloon teams are formed in the regions, championships of federal districts and regions are held within the framework of regional development of hot air balloon sport as a sport of higher achievements.

Sport accreditation is current up to 29.03.2020