Dear Delegates,

This is the official invitation for «2015 Saga International Balloon Fiesta,
FAI Pre World Hot Air Balloon Event».
And information for Fiesta and Fantasia Pilots.

Three files are attached and those are-
2015 Saga Official Invitation for Competitors
2015 Saga Invitation Process Example
2015 Saga Fiesta and Fantasia Pilots

*2015 Saga Official Invitation for Competitors and 2015 Saga Invitation
Process Example*
We want to ask you to nominate the pilots who are interested in competing at
the Pre-worlds. The detailed information is included in those two files.
Please return the ACCEPTANCE OF INVITATION which is included in the «2015
Saga Official Invitation for Competitors» by 30th April 2015.

For those competitors wishing to enter the World Air Games in Dubai.
The FAI and the UAE host are currently looking into identifying shipment
options from Saga directly to the UAE and then later from the UAE to the
home-country (hub) of the competitors.
We will contact you when we get any new information from the FAI / WAG
organisation about shipping from Saga to Dubai.

*2015 Saga Fiesta and Fantasia Pilots*
Please send this information to anyone who is interested in participating as
a Fiesta or a Fantasia pilot.

Best regards,
Hiromori Soejima, 2015 Saga International Balloon Fiesta