fai logoВниманию пилотов-воздухоплавателей России!

CIA FAI проводит традиционный опрос пилотов тепловых аэростатов, результаты которого будут использованы на предстоящей Конференции. Опрос проводится про ссылке http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CSC_2013 , содержит 22 вопроса и занимает около 5 минут. Ссылка будет активна около недели.
ФВР рекомендует всем пилотам участвовать в опросе СИА ФАИ.


Dear Balloonist,

Every year the Competitor’s Sub Committee releases a survey to gather information about important issues related to competitive ballooning.

Below is a link to the Competitor’s Subcommittee annual competition survey, which has just been published.

This link is only valid for a short time (about 10 days), so please complete the survey as soon as possible.  There are only 22 questions, and the survey should only take about 5 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your assistance in providing valuable feedback.


Please feel free to share this email and survey link with other competitors in your country.  You may receive this email from several sources, so please only complete the survey once per person.

Best regards,

Andrew Baird

Competitor’s Sub Committee (chair)