The Balloon Federation of Russia activities

President (Oparina M.A.)
• Audit, restoration and maintenance of documentation, accounting, tax and other reporting related to the economic activities of the Federation
• Obtaining of a legal address
• Changes in connection with the change of name and legal address
• Internal regulation of the Federation
• Financial support of the Federation
• Interaction with FAS

Committee on Public Relations and Media
(Oparina M.A., Selezneva Y.A., Bazhenov S.G., Taran V.Y., Latypov V.G., Ryabtsev N.S.)
• Promotion of the Federation
• Maintaining the Federation website
• Working with the media and social networks in covering the activities of the Federation and events

— Statute of the Committee on Public Relations and Mass Media
— Recommendations for regions Statute
— Sample of media accreditation rules (Velikiу Luki, Ryazan)
— Sample of Media Accreditation Questionnaire
— Sample of the rules for coordinationof work with Mass Media

Records and Achievements Committee
(Oparina M.A., Zimenko G., Bazhenov S.G.)
• Expansion of record activities support

External Activities Commitee
Oparina M.A., Menyaylo I.G., Taran V.Y., Karnaukhov V., Mityagin Y.A.)
• International Federation Activities
• Inter-service activities of the Federation

Regional Development Committee
(Oparina M.A., Selezneva Y.A., Zimenko G.)
• Documentary support of activities that have been accredited by the FVR
• Information and methodological support of the regions in the registration of legal entities and obtaining of the Ministry of Sport accreditation
• Information and methodological support of the regions in the management of document circulation of regional federations
• Information and methodological support of regions in carrying out aeronautical activities

Sport Comitee
(Menyaylo I.G., Medvedskyi A.N., Mityagin Y.A., Selezneva Y.A.)
• Compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Transport of the Russia in terms of documentation

Security Commitee
(Bazhenov S.G., Karnaukhov V.V., Menyaylo I.G., Latipov V.G.)
• Participation in the development of regulations governing the operation of aerostatic aircraft and air traffic
• Organization and holding of annual seminars on flight operations and flight safety of aerostatic aircraft
• Participation in commissions to investigate the causes of accidents of aerostatic aircraft
• Assistance in improving safety during aeronautica activities

Committee on Youth Affairs
(Menyaylo I.G., Vertiprahov I.A.)
• Work on attracting of young people to hot air balloon activities
• Work with young pilots, candidates for pilots, team members, organizational and methodological assistance in preparing for participation in competitions

Executive Secretary
(Talanova V.G.)
• FVR members counting
• Organization of the Bureau meetings